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What Does it Cost?
RepairTech is the only Toshiba authorised depot repair centre in the UK for Laptops, Tablets, Netbooks and All-In-One PC's. Providing warranty repairs on behalf of Toshiba, RepairTech specialises in fast, efficient and above all quality services for Toshiba Laptops, Tablets and All-In-One PC's. For repairs outside Toshiba's normal warranty period, RepairTech offers a fixed price inspection and labour charge of £80 + VAT plus parts
Repair Process?
Find out how our fully automated online booking system works. Simple, easy to use, online system for checking your unit details and booking your unit for repair automatically


Track My Repair?
Already have a repair in process? You can track the progress of your repair by entering your Service Order Number and Serial Number on our tracking page
Spare Parts?
Why not visit our Toshiba Spare Parts Website? With access to a vast array of Toshiba information and linked directly with Toshiba's Service and IT systems, RepairTech is able to offer the supply of Toshiba Approved Spare Parts, sourced directly from Toshiba's European Spare Parts Warehouse
RepairTech is authorised by Toshiba in the UK to provide depot repair services for warranty and non-warranty repair for Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PC's and All-In-One PC’s, throughout the UK
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Have question? Need help? Contact our Team of Toshiba Experts
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To book your Toshiba Laptop, Tablet or All-In-One PC in for Repair click here